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E-Gate Pass for Individuals Registration Form

Dubai South is an amalgamation of residential and business districts and, therefore, plays host to a wide range of visitors. As such, the visitor gate pass facilitates the generation of gate passes for all who would seek to provide their guests with short-term access to their facilities in the Logistics District.

Visitor Details

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Applicant Details

  • Please attach copy of passport / Emirates ID of the visitor. Visitors must present valid ID (Passport / Emirates ID) to the security upon entry.
  • For visitors requiring access for more than 1 day, NOC from applicant company must be attached with this form and prior approval from the logistics operations department will be required.
  • This pass can be used for visitor entry through Gate 3 only
  • This pass is to be used for visits / meetings only. Using this pass for work purposes is strictly prohibited
  • Visitors must return this pass to the security while exiting through gate 1/6.
  • Each page must be stamped and signed by the applicant company.