EZ Dubai

The Team

Mohsen Ahmad
Mohsen Ahmad CEO of Dubai South - Logistics District

Mohsen Ahmad oversees Dubai South’s entire Logistics District as its chief executive officer. Having set up its free zone and established the Dubai Logistics Corridor, Mohsen leads the overall execution of the district’s operations, manages its financial planning, and is responsible for setting the district’s strategic directions and goals. He also championed the development of EZDubai and played an instrumental role in developing Dubai’s overall e-Commerce strategy. Mohsen joined Dubai South in 2008 following more than twelve years’ experience in the supply chains and logistics sector.

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Tariq Badri
Tariq Badri Director – Business Development, Logistics District - Dubai South

Tariq Badri is the director of business development for the Logistics District at Dubai South. With more than ten years in business development, he has helped shape the development and strategic sales direction for the Logistics District and the grander Dubai South masterplan. He also oversees and manages the financial performance, goal implementation, and wider real estate development strategy of the Logistics District as well as playing an instrumental role to attract major e-Commerce to EZDubai.

AbdulBasit AlMarzouqi
AbdulBasit AlMarzouqi Director of Logistics Operation Development – Logistics District- Dubai South

AbdulBasit is the director of logistics operation development for the Logistics District at Dubai South. AlMarzouqi played a vital role in the development and implementation of the seamless operations and the sustainability processes and systems at the Logistics District. His influence has been fundamental in establishing operational e-Commerce policies and best practices to analyse scenarios and devise optimal methodologies to provide innovative operational solutions for EZDubai clients.

Marcus Berg
Marcus Berg Director –Product Development, Logistics District-Dubai South

Marcus is the Director of Product Development for the Logistics District; where he plays a leading role in evolving product development strategies for the district and supervises the smooth implementation to achieve the desired results. He played an instrumental role in bringing EZDubai to life and was one of the contributors to Dubai’s overall e-Commerce strategy. Marcus is an industry expert with more than 10 years of experience in the field of international logistics with a specialisation in business planning and project implementation.